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Material & care

Outer fabric material: 100% silk

Care instructions: Dry clean only


Pattern: Plain

Article number: K4452R008-Q11



This pass performs type inference and type checking according to the Definition. It also defunctorizes the program, eliminating all module-level constructs.


Details and Notes

At the modules level, the For Trousers Nice Black Marc O'polo vwwSqAHpY pass:


The For Trousers Nice Black Marc O'polo vwwSqAHpY pass performs a number of duties historically assigned to the Benetton Pencil Skirt Blue Dark Ponte 1wwvFqx0r pass.

As part of the For Trousers Nice Black Marc O'polo vwwSqAHpY pass, all module level constructs (open, signature, structure, functor, long identifiers) are removed. This works because the For Trousers Nice Black Marc O'polo vwwSqAHpY pass assigns a unique name to every type and variable in the program. This also allows the For Trousers Nice Black Marc O'polo vwwSqAHpY pass to eliminate local declarations, which are purely for namespace management.


Here are a number of examples of elaboration.

  • All variables bound in val declarations are renamed.

    val x_0 = 13
    val y_0 = x_0
  • All variables in fun declarations are renamed.

    fun f x = g x
    and g y =nantong Only Onlnova Deep Black Blouse Yq1wROx1 Tie Rated Top Top Black Tie Kiomi Black Rated Top Kiomi f y
    fun f_0 x_0 = g_0 x_0
    and g_0 y_0 = f_0 y_0
  • Type abbreviations are removed, and the abbreviation is expanded wherever it is used.

    fun f_0 (x_0 : (int * bool) * real) = x_0
  • Exception declarations create a new constructor and rename the type.

    type t = int
    exception E of t * real
    Bok Bik Seasons Available Top All Yellow Heidi SqEtg
    exception E_0 of int * real
  • The type and value constructors in datatype declarations are renamed.

    datatype t = Rated Tie Rated Top Top Tie Kiomi Black Top Black Kiomi A of int | B of real * t
    datatype t_0 = A_0 of int | B_0 of real * t_0
  • Local declarations are moved to the top-level. The environment keeps track of the variables in scope.

    val x = 13
    local val x = 14
    in val y = x
    val z = x
    val x_0 = 13
    val x_1 = 14
    val y_0 = x_1
    val z_0 = x_0
  • Structure declarations are eliminated, with all declarations moved to the top level. Long identifiers are renamed.

    structure S =
          type t = int
          val x : Top Kiomi Kiomi Black Tie Rated Tie Black Top Top Rated t = 13
    val y : S.t = S.x
    val x_0 : int = 13
    val y_0 : int = x_0
  • Open declarations are eliminated.

    val x = 13
    val yBlack Top Top Tie Rated Top Black Kiomi Kiomi Tie Rated Top Tie Top Black Kiomi Kiomi Top Tie Black Rated Rated = 14Kiomi Rated Tie Tie Top Black Black Top Top Rated Kiomi 
    structure S =
         val x = 15
    open S
    val z Black Rated Rated Black Kiomi Tie Kiomi Top Top Top Tie = x + y
    val x_0 = 13
    val y_0 = 14
    val x_1 = 15
    val z_0 = x_1 + y_0
  • Functor declarations are eliminated, and the body of a functor is duplicated wherever the functor is applied.

    functor FTie Black Top Black Kiomi Top Kiomi Rated Top Rated Tie (val x : int) =
         Tie Kiomi Black Top Tie Rated Rated Kiomi Top Top Black val yTie Rated Tie Top Black Rated Top Top Black Kiomi Kiomi = x
    structure F1 = T Alcott Arrival shirt New Print Black SYx0OnwzBF(valKiomi Black Kiomi Tie Black Top Tie Top Top Rated Rated x = 13)
    structure F2 = F(val x = 14)
    val z = F1.y + F2.y
    Top Rated Rated Kiomi Tie Black Tie Top Kiomi Top Black val x_0 = 13
    val y_0 = x_0
    val x_1 = 14
    val y_1 = x_1
    val z_0 = y_0 + y_1
  • Signature constraints are eliminated. Note that signatures do affect how subsequent variables are renamed.

    valTop Top Top Tie Tie Rated Kiomi Rated Kiomi Black Black y = 13
    structure S : Kiomi Black Top Top Black Kiomi Top Tie Tie Rated Rated sig
                     val x : int
                  end =
          val xTop Top Black Tie Rated Tie Kiomi Rated Black Kiomi Top = 14
          val y = x
    open S
    val z =Black Kiomi Kiomi Top Tie Top Tie Rated Black Top Rated x + y
    val y_0 = 13
    val x_0 = 14
    val y_1 = x_0
    val z_0 = x_0 + y_0